New & Better Methods For Processing Scrap Metal


Residents of Houston should be aware of the advances in scrap metal recycling. Both pure metals and metal alloys are being recycled and reused by industry. The automobile industry recovers nearly 90% of pure aluminum and aluminum alloys. This not only saves money in the cost of purchasing raw metal, it also reduces the car manufacturer’s carbon footprint, by reducing the energy used in the manufacturing process. X-ray Fluorescence Analyzers (XRF) can detect every metal that makes up the composition of a piece of aluminum allowing the global growth of recycled aluminum to reach up to 35% of the new aluminum supply.

Scrap metal recycling involves recovering both ferrous (containing iron) and non-ferrous (not containing iron) metals for smelting and ultimate re-use. When aluminum cans are recycled, the metal is back on the shelves in the form of a new can, containing a new beverage in as little as 60 days. Most of the new steel goods have some recycled steel content at a rate of 25% to 100%.

Most people understand that precious metals, such as gold and silver, have been recycled for centuries to make jewelry. But were you aware that there are a few uncommon uses for scrap metal? The most familiar, yet creative uses can be found in visual art displays and unique furniture pieces; all of which were made from recycled metal.

Now that the scrap metal business is seeing the benefits of recycling all the metals that don’t lose their durability or strength, they have made advances in the metal identification process. Hence, the invention of the XRF analyzer, a handheld device used to identify every element that makes up the composition of a piece of aluminum, including any trace elements and contaminants.

Because of these advances, recycled metal in Houston is some of the best metal a manufacturer can buy and use. With the use of the new processes, scrap metal is of the best quality because the end product is reliable. Scrap metal is now insured to meet all the standards of manufacturing metals with excellent quality, process integrity, safety, and regulatory compliance all being present in the end-product.