3 Great Uses For Scrap Metal


Are you aware of the pollution that we contribute to the environment when we dump our waste and other trashes away each week? In particular, waste products containing toxic heavy metals such as- cadmium, lead, and mercury can be especially harmful. When we throw batteries in the trash, they eventually end up in landfills where they can leak the contaminant metals into the soil and water supplies. However, there is hope for our environment through new recycling policies that continue to develop within our cities and communities. Thanks to companies that metal recycling Houston, we can now hand in used batteries that contain heavy metals. They remove the hazardous chemicals, wash the scrap metal thoroughly, and melt it before selling it to manufacturers, which require these metals to make new products. Overall, recycling scrap metal makes good economic and environmental sense. Here are 3 great uses:

#1 Artistic Uses

Artists use these metals to create eye catching sculptures and other phenomenal works of art. Many 3-D art pieces can be found in public facilities, parks, recreation sites, and in corporate settings. Industrial units also use recycled scrap metal for manufacturing furniture. Scrap metal is used for creating many other home and office products, such as- lamps, tables, benches, kitchen containers, and gliders… to name a few.

#2 Economic Salvage

Leading battery manufacturers purchase a major part of their raw materials from metal recycling Houston plants. Since recycled metal costs less than new ones, they can provide a stronger better end product at lower prices. The construction, aviation, and electronic industries are some of the leading consumers of scrap metals. They purchase recycled aluminum, copper, and iron from metal recycling Houston units. This allows them to cut down on production costs and protect the dwindling metal resources of our planet.

#3 Environmental Salvage

Melting scrap aluminum requires lower temperature than that required for virgin aluminum. This helps conserve energy and reduces carbon emission as well. It is important to note just how much metal recycling can preserve our environment. Recycled metal can save in all areas of air pollution, water pollution, and water usage in reductions well over 50%. Ultimately, recycling scrap metal also reduces the size of our landfills.

We can all do our part by showing our concern for the planet and protecting its future by looking for the recycled logo when purchasing a metal product. The logo contains three arrows arranged in a circular shape. Contact Premier Metal Buyers, to learn more about metal recycling in Houston and current local policies that are in place.