Asset Recovery and Demolition


Experienced, Reliable and Documented Asset Destruction

If you have equipment, machines, parts or anything metal that you need to get off of your books, we are your reliable resource for asset destruction. Our professional asset destruction teams will help you document, photograph and manage the destruction and removal of your materials to meet your pre-approved standards and guidelines. Whether it is full-scale demolition projects, facility gutting or simple asset destruction, we will help you get the most value out of your non-wanted or retired metal materials.


We’ll Cut Up, Dismantle and Destroy Your Assets – Giving You the Cash and Paperwork You Need

Our teams will travel to your facility and take care of the project on-site, or if required, remove the asset for off-site destruction. Either way, we will offer full cradle to grave tracking and documentation for every job to meet your specific needs. If you need paperwork to show that an asset has been retired and will never be re-built or re-used, we can take care of all of it for you. Plus, we will offer you top dollar for all of the metal components we recycle. For all asset destruction and commercial & residential demolition needs, please call for a consultation and quote.